New Year

Happy New Year! And that means it’s that time of year where we contemplate New Year’s Resolutions (or resolve not to make them). Would you be surprised to learn only 8% of people keep their resolutions?

Resolution Pitfalls:

  • making the goals too big, too broad
  • not something I really wanted to work on but felt obligated to do
  • not setting positive goals

According to the top four New Years resolutions for 2015 were:

  • lose weight
  • get organized
  • spend less, save more
  • enjoy life to the fullest

WOW! No wonder we have trouble sticking to these goals, they are so broad and overwhelming that success seems insurmountable!  The excuses just pop up and mostly boil down to….I’m too busy.

Some quick suggestions to modify your goals so they are more attainable:

  • instead of “spend less, save more”,  try “eat out only once per week”, “make coffee at home”, “deposit 5% of my paycheck in to savings”
  • instead of “lose weight”,  try “I will walk my dogs once a week”, “sign up for a 5k fun run”, “replace my afternoon soda with water”

These are small steps that are reasonable and attainable! They help you achieve your overall goal but are manageable and will help you have small successes, and stay on track!

It’s not too late to set some creative, attainable resolutions!

*Post written by Kathy Warren, LISW, CADC, Director of Behavioral Health at Primary Health Care.

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