Hi. My name is [Insert Name] and I live in [Insert Town]. I am calling on behalf of Primary Health Care because we need you to pass long-term funding for community health centers.

Community health centers are on the front lines of addressing the coronavirus pandemic and keeping our country safe and healthy. Community health centers are facing this crisis with great uncertainty in funding and emergency supplies, and we need your support. 

Primary Health Care has been filling the healthcare gaps in Central Iowa for over 35 years. Our doors are always open for the vulnerable and underserved. Homeless, persons living with HIV, the working poor – families, children, veterans – all rely on us for care. We need the financial resources to continue to ensure our patients have access to care in the midst of this national health crisis.

We need your leadership now to ensure we have the resources necessary to combat this threat.

Our ask includes:

  • The reauthorization of mandatory funding for Community Health Centers, THC program, NHSC through at least September 2021
  • Appropriation of $3.2 billion for “emergency funding”, (the initial projection was $1.32 billion and  is what is included in the current package, to the best of our knowledge) but the situation is more dire than anticipated
  • Permanent authorization of  Medicare telehealth, and not just a temporary fix during this pandemic
  • Include in any package any critical funding for an expanded workforce, infrastructure and IT, and funding to care for an expected additional 10 million patients.  

The time is now to pass our funding. You have counted on us for 5 decades to serve our communities. We are counting on you now to get this funding passed.

Thank you!

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