During the holiday season it can be hard to stay on top of your health and fitness. It is easy to lose motivation during these cold months, especially when there are family get-togethers involved! Stay on top of your health this holiday season by incorporating healthy food choices and more exercise! It is okay to indulge but remember, moderation is key! Below are some helpful tips to help you stay on track of your health and fitness while fully enjoying your holiday season!

  1. Keep Moving.

Try to avoid sitting for long periods of time! Take a walk, play tag with your kids, run errands, start mall walking…stay active!

  1. Start your day off with a plan.

The holidays can disrupt your best exercise and weight-control intentions. Wake up every day with a game plan! Track your food intake and activity level. This will make you aware of the amount of calories in certain foods. It is important to get out and about, snuggling under the blankets is fine but not for the entire holiday season!

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Did you know sometimes your brain can confuse thirst for hunger? Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Quick tip, drink one large glass of water before every meal, this can help lessen the amount of food you consume.

  1. Get Creative!

Get creative with your exercise! Try new at home workouts. You can even build physical activity into your holiday traditions! Take a walk around the neighborhood with your loved ones, play active games, build snowmen, go snow hiking, sled, or have a snow ball fight with your friends/family! Think outside of the box when it comes to ways to spend quality time with family while prioritizing your health!

Stay warm, happy & healthy this holiday season! It is important to stay on top of your health by making sure you are getting your regular checkups.  If you have health related questions, or it is time for a checkup call a PHC clinic to schedule your appointment. Find a location near you.

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