Cervical cancer is highly treatable, and when found early you have a good chance of making a full recovery. In honor of Mothers Day, we’re focusing on women’s health and the four steps women should take to reduce their risk of having cervical cancer.

Get the HPV Vaccine– HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and it can cause cervical cancer. By getting vaccinated, you reduce your lifetime risk of cervical cancer. The vaccine sequence does need to be completed before you turn 26.

See your women’s health provider for regular well-woman exams – If detected early, cervical cancer is very treatable. Seeing your provider for regular exams can help us to detect irregularities before they are cancerous.

Quit smoking or don’t start in the first place – Besides being bad for your lungs studies have shown that smoking doubles your risk of cervical cancer.

Practice safe sex – Use condoms or dental dams to reduce your chances of contracting HPV. If you do have unprotected sex, you can visit The Project at Primary Health Care for a free and confidential HIV/STI test.




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