It’s Men’s Health Month and men are less likely to follow through with scheduling their annual appointment than women. This month we are focusing on reasons for men to keep their annual appointments.

  1. Catch small things before they become a big problem. Don’t wait until you have to go to the emergency room before going to the doctor. By getting your annual exam you can prevent a very expensive visit to the emergency room in the future.
  2. If you’re sexually active, make sure you are getting tested for STIs. In case you didn’t know you can get tested for free at The Project of Primary Health Care.
  3. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of something more serious like heart disease. It may feel embarrassing but talk to your doctor about your risk factors for a heart attack.
  4. Healthy people should go to the doctor too. Even if you are completely healthy going to see your provider will help establish a baseline for the future.

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