[Des Moines, Iowa]– Iowa Medicaid recipients having difficulty finding providers or answers with the transition to managed care have another resource to turn to – Primary Health Care.

Professionals at the center can help steer patients to appropriate providers and help them understand their options after the state officially moved its Medicaid program to a managed care model on April 1.

With the transition to managed care, Iowa has seen many reports of Medicaid enrollees struggling to find a provider or understanding whether their current providers can continue to treat them under the plan.

“We know many Iowans have questions about the transition and what it means to their health care,” said Kelly Huntsman, CEO. “We want to remind them that we are a resource close to home that can assist with both answers and providing health care.”

Primary Health Care has agreed to work with all three of the managed care companies providing Medicaid services in Iowa.

Our center provides health care to the underserved regardless of insurance status or if they are enrolled in Medicaid.  Primary Health Care provides a broad continuum of health care services including behavioral health and oral health/dental care.

Primary Health Care is one of Iowa’s 14 community health centers that serve more than 180,000 uninsured and underserved Iowans each year. These centers are proven leaders in treating chronic medical conditions and reducing overall health care costs.

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