We were pleased to welcome David McCluskey, Founder of Colon Cancer Foundation of Iowa, and his his wife Winonah to our October board meeting. They presented a check to PHC to promote colonoscopy testing to patients that may encounter barriers to receiving this diagnostic testing.

The Foundation’s mission statement “is to increase colon cancer screening rates within the State of Iowa through public, physician and patient education and assistance, by utilizing a variety of different programs, activities and resources.” The goal is to help provide resources for those in need. The Foundation sponsors several programs in Iowa and events to raise awareness and fund-raise.

Earlier this year Mr. McCluskey provided PHC a $1,000 gift. This contribution was used to purchase gas cards and to help offset other costs related to transportation, a common barrier encountered by our patients.

He has funded and managed the “Scope It” program which connects those who are under-insured or uninsured with much needed diagnostic testing for Colon and/or Rectal Cancers. We have worked closely with David through this program and are grateful to be the recipient of a $10,000 gift from the foundation. This contribution will be used to support PHC patients as they get connected to receiving diagnostic care.

Thank you to David, his wife, and team of volunteers at The Colon Cancer Foundation for their mission and passion to get the word out about CRCS; and help those without the means to get screened and/or tested.

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