It’s that time of year, when we vow to make good on our New Year’s resolutions. Because we want BIG results, we start with BIG goals. We resolve to go the gym an hour every day. Eat healthy- all the time. Or spend a half hour meditating every day. Yet, as goal-setting goes, starting big doesn’t always lead to results.

Aim to make New Year’s resolutions that not only stick, but are attainable. It is in your hands to turn this year into your best year yet!

  1. Think about last year and reflect.
  2. Put your pen to paper! Write down your new and attainable goals.
  3. Don’t try to do it all in January, take your time and space out your goals.
  4. Get a little help from your friends!

Stay on top of your health this year! It is important that you are getting your regular checkups. If you have health related questions, or it is time for a checkup call a PHC clinic to schedule your appointment. Find a location near you.

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