April is National Minority Health Month, a time to highlight the importance of improving the health of racial and ethnic minorities and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. Shedding light on these communities’ gaps, needs, and the systemic barriers they encounter helps identify where we can act to reduce health disparities.

This year’s theme, Better Health Through Better Understanding, focuses on improving health outcomes by providing culturally and linguistically competent healthcare services, information, and resources. When patients are provided with culturally and linguistically appropriate information, they are empowered to create healthier outcomes for themselves and their communities.

Some of the solutions PHC has to help address health disparities include:

  • Spanish interpreters on site
  • Language line for additional languages
  • Clinics located in areas where our patients live and work
  • Annual cultural competency training for our staff
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Health education materials in a variety of languages
  • PHC website with a translation available in the top 12 languages in Iowa

There is still a lot of work to be done. PHC is committed to listening to our communities, educating our teams, and making the necessary changes toward achieving that goal.

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