Pay a bill, download patient forms, update your information. This page has all the resources for you, the patient.
To make a medical or dental appointment, please call us at your preferred clinic. Phone numbers and hours are listed on this site’s “locations” page. PHC strives to provide you with timely access at a date and time that suit your needs.

What to bring to your medical/dental appointment

For your first visit at PHC, you will be asked to complete new patient forms. These forms become part of your chart which includes information such as your address, phone number, employment, and insurance carriers. Because we are a community health center, we may ask other demographic information, such as your gender, race, or sexual orientation. Other new patient forms will include a basic questionnaire of your personal and family health history.

Forms can be completed at the clinic or you may download in advance on this site’s “patient forms” page.

Billing & Financial Information
Primary Health Care (PHC) will not turn a patient away, regardless of ability to pay. PHC accepts most insurance plans. We have dedicated staff that will assist patients with the enrollment process. If you would like help enrolling in Medicaid or other insurance, please ask to speak to a health benefits specialist.

If you do not have insurance, please ask the clinic office specialist at your clinic about payment options based on the Sliding Fee Discount Schedule.

PHC will see all patients regardless of ability to pay. We accept all patients including those who are:

  • Uninsured
  • Uninsured and need assistance applying for Medicare or other coverage
  • Underinsured – those who have insurance but copays make it unaffordable
  • Insured – we accept Medicare, Medicaid, Hawk-I, and private insurance

PHC will submit your claim to any private insurance company along with Medicare and Medicaid for you. Your insurance information must be submitted at the time of service.

PHC offers online bill statement and payment options. Please select click “bill pay” on the menu above.

Insurance Questions?

Do you have questions about how to use your current insurance coverage? Do you need some help enrolling you and/or your family? Not sure what the Affordable Care Act is?

Our health benefits specialists understand all the details and can help you understand your benefits.  From networks to deductibles, we understand and can help you navigate what can be a confusing process. If you do not have insurance, and want to know what your options are, we can help with that too. Medicaid eligibility has changed and you may now qualify for free or low cost coverage. Call any of our clinics today to speak with a trained enrollment specialist.

Sliding Fee Scale Program Policy

The sliding fee program allows us to reduce or “slide” the fees for the care of you or your family at PHC. You can apply for the program if you need assistance to help you pay for your care.

Eligibility is based on:

  • How much income you or your family make
  • How many people are in your household
How to apply

Once you become a patient at PHC, a health benefits specialist will be available to meet with you to help you enroll in the sliding fee program. You will need to provide your most recent monthly household income to apply for the slide. This will be reviewed at least once annually. Individuals under age of 18 will need to provide proof of denial for Medicaid.

What is considered proof of income?

  • The most recent tax return or W-2 form
  • Pay stubs – most recent pay stub for the last full month
  • Unemployment benefit statement
  • Workmen’s comp benefit statement
  • Other documentation of income
Jimmy has been a favorite patient at Primary Health Care Dental Clinic for several years.  Both he and his wife have come regularly because the clinic accepts Medicaid and because of its convenient location in Marshalltown, but Jimmy points to other reasons that keep him and his wife, Charlene, returning regularly.  He recalls dentists from years ago who were harsh and uncaring.  “We hated going to the dentist!  So, for a long time we just didn’t go at all.”  In contrast Jimmy says that in all of the years he has come to our clinic he has never had a bad experience.  “I like the facility and everyone is so friendly!”  When asked if he would recommend our clinic to others he was quick to respond, “Without hesitation, without any hesitation,  I would recommend Primary Health Care to anyone who needs dental care!” Jimmy has enjoyed his visits to Primary Health Care Dental Clinic, but not as much as the staff enjoys seeing him.  Jimmy, an avid reader, always has something interesting to talk about.  He has a great sense of humor, and, as he stated, when asked to do this interview, “hey, I will try anything … as long as it’s not illegal.” This includes letting their home health aide paint his fingernails with the latest tie-dye technique.   His only condition for being our featured patient was  “just be sure to include a picture of my nails in the article.”
Brad Anderson

I have been coming to Primary Health Care Southside for 4 to 5 years. I would not ever consider changing doctors; she has seen me at my very best to my very worst. I am one of her most complicated cases. Everything from severe chronic pain to lungs full of bloodclots; my warfarin changed constantly and so did my blood pressure. And I love all the staff too! They’ve even given me a ride when necessary!

Mi nombre es Maribel. Soy sobreviviente de cancer, llegue a PHC hace tres anos con una molestia en mi seno. Me atendia la Senora Coyte muy amable. Recuerdo el dia que me llamaron para decirme que era cancer, soy unq mujer indocumentarda sin segura y pense me voy a morir. PHC me ayudo desde el dianostico consiguieron los Orujanos, la quimoterapia, trasportacion etc… pero los mas importante y valioso fue el apoyo moral. Los servicios medicos y sociales que ellos me brindaron son invaluables, sin su ayuda tal vez hubiera muerto. Muchisimas Gracia

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