On Friday, October 27, we celebrated the remarkable achievements of April May, Immunization Program Director at Primary Health Care Inc. April was honored with the Congressional Medal of Merit, presented by Rep. Zach Nunn, in recognition of her 16 years of dedicated service in nursing and her outstanding contributions to our community.

During the brief ceremony, the pressing issue of a shortage of adequately trained nursing staff was addressed. Rep. Nunn shared his commitment to garner bipartisan support for the Train More Nurses Act, introduced earlier this year. This bill aims to make nursing education more accessible and prevent qualified nursing candidates from being turned away due to a shortage of educators.

“I am deeply honored, but I don’t consider myself anymore important than those who taught me, and those with whom I work every day,” May humbly stated. “I accepted this award in honor of all of Primary Health Care nurses, not just for me.”

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