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After Hours Contact

What should you do if you need to speak to a healthcare provider and the clinic is closed?

PHC provides coverage 24-hours a day, seven days a week to ensure continuity of care, an answering service will contact the on-call provider if you should call and require assistance after-hours. Click here for a list of the after hours contact.

If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Phone Directory

(515) 248-1447

Ames Clinic
(515) 232-0628

Billing Office (medical)
(515) 280-4304

Billing Office (dental)
(515) 280-4301

Centralized Intake (Homeless Support)
(515) 248-1850


East Side Clinic
(515) 248-1600

HIV Program (The Project)
(515) 248-1595

Marketing , Development, Media Relations
(612) 708-3101

Marshalltown Medical & Dental
(641) 753-4021

PHC at Mercy Clinic
(515) 643-4610

PHC at Kurtz Opportunity Center
(515) 242-8488

Pharmacy/Patient Assistance
(515) 262-0854

University Dental Clinic
(515) 248-1888

University Medical Clinic
(515) 248-1500

West Side Clinic
(515) 225-7201

Corporate Compliance/Patient Safety

Please report any concerns or questions that you have regarding the care that you have received, compliance with the law, regulations or Primary Health Care Inc.’s policies to (515) 248-1451. This is an anonymous, private hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no retaliation for making good faith reports. Thank you for helping us maintain the highest standards of compliance.

PHC is accredited by The Joint Commission. You may submit a concern or patient safety event to The Joint Commission by using this contact page.

PHC Digital Media Policy

Thank you for visiting PHC’s social media channels and website. Note that comments posted by visitors don’t represent the opinions of PHC. 

Below are the rules for communications and general behavior on PHC digital platforms. Violation of these rules can lead to possible removal from the page or channel.

  1. We’re an organization that cares for people of all ages, including children, please no indecent or otherwise inappropriate posts.
  2. Be kind, no libelous, defamatory, bullying, harassing, racist, homophobic, threatening or abusive posts.
  3. Those posting must be of people 18 or older, unless posted by or with permission of a parent/legal guardian.

We reserve the right to remove any postings found to be in violation of these rules. If you have questions about this policy please email and a member of the marketing team will respond.

Employment Verification

Please send inquiries to

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