When John was incarcerated it was 1995. It was before the internet really took off, before debit cards, social media, smartphones, and a global pandemic was not surging.

A PHC Homeless Support Case Manager began working with him this summer to help navigate the new world that he now has to live in. 

Navigating 2020 has been hard for everyone, but it has been harder for people who have been released from incarceration during this time. His PHC case manager has been helping him apply for Social Security and also learn how to use a debit card (SNAP benefits come electronically now) and other technology that advanced while he was inside.

This year the Homeless Support Services team has rehoused 440 individuals/families and hopefully, John will be number 441. At PHC we operate under the philosophy that housing is health care and that people cannot take care of their health while they are without housing.

The Homeless Support Team has worked hard with clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to help people experiencing homelessness access to permanent housing.

*Client name has been changed to protect his privacy

Individuals/Families Rehoused in 2020

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