In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to introduce a member of Primary Health Care’s behavioral health care team, David Drustrup, Ph.D. He is a behavioral health therapist and psychology resident. Drustrup joined PHC seven months ago, excited for the opportunity to increase access to quality behavioral healthcare.

He meets with patients struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues. He shared, “I’m particularly passionate about therapies of depth, insight, and relationship.” This therapy focuses on underlying personality structures, relational patterns, and is a more in-depth, relationship-focused treatment.

Drustrup explained this type of therapy often takes longer because of the trust and relationship required, but it also has much deeper and longer-lasting healing. He pointed to research that shows patients who experience therapies of depth and relationship continue to improve many years after the therapy treatment has ended. “For me, this is the most rewarding type of psychological healing to witness,” said Drustrup.

Dr. Drustrup is based at PHC’s East Side clinic and is bilingual in English and Spanish. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from speaking to a therapist or behavioral health consultant, please reach out to the PHC clinic nearest you. To learn more about our behavioral health services, visit

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