Support the 340B Pharmacy Program

An Important Program Ensuring Uninsured PHC Patients Have Access to Affordable Medication

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340B Pharmacy Program

  • Requires pharmaceutical companies to provide discounted drug prices to organizations (often referred to as “covered entities”) that see a large number of uninsured patients
  • Operates at no cost to taxpayers as discounted drug prices come directly from pharma companies
  • Program discounts drugs for covered entities, but is only a fraction of the pharmaceutical industry’s $457 billion in profits
  • PHC is entitled to the savings, the difference between the regular drug price & discounted drug price, and uses those dollars to reinvest in patient care
  • Requires covered entities (like PHC) to follow numerous, very strict rules around who can or can not receive the medications at these discounted prices
  • PHC is entitled to the “savings” (difference between regular drug price & discounted drug price) so we can continue to provide services to our low-income population

340B Provides Access to Lifesaving Medications

“I don’t have prescription insurance, so I wouldn’t be taking the meds that I should be taking if it weren’t for this.”

-- Stephanie C.

(September 16, 2022)


Percentage of Uninsured Patients PHC Serves

340B Pharmacy Program

Why is the 340B program in jeopardy?

Pharma companies are trying shut down PHC’s ability to use contracted pharmacies, which limits access for our uninsured patients and prevents PHC from retaining the savings we rely on to provide more services for our patients (such as medication-assisted treatment, behavioral health, health center staff etc.)

340B Pharmacy Program

How Can You Help PHC?

Advocate on behalf of our patients and PHC. This is an ACCESS BARRIER for our patients and a significant financial setback for PHC.

Your voice matters! We need our supporters to advocate to our elected officials, as they can address the current predatory practices threatening the program’s existence.

Sign up for Voter Voice today! This is an important (and very easy-to-use tool) to reach out to elected officials to share the devastating impact losing the program will have on community health centers and most importantly, our patients. Let them know this is an issue you care about and want them to take action.

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