Dr. Groos opens the door to the exam room. She smiles when she sees a refugee family that she has gotten to know and work with over these last few months. 

A few months ago, she noticed that the kids had gained weight due to changes in routine caused by COVID-19. She had talked about the 5-2-1-0  program with the family, and given them some information about the importance of changes in nutrition and physical activity.

Dr. Jennifer Gross is a board certified pediatrician at PHC’s Engebretsen Medical Clinic in Des Moines. 

At their most recent visit, the family was excited to tell Dr. Groos about their new family routine of going for a 30-minute run or walk every day. The kids’ BMIs have stayed the same or decreased, and their labs are looking better. 

As a surprise for the kids, Dr. Groos reached out to the organizer of the local turkey trot race to see if they had any leftover swag or medals from this year’s event.

The organizers were thrilled to donate swag boxes that include stocking cap, neck gaiter, race number and race medal for the family. At their next appointment, she is planning to surprise the kids and their parents with the new warm cold-weather running gear and the medals.

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